2017 Safe Church Summit

The Safe Church Summit is designed to provide training, instruction, direction and development to church servants, volunteers, leaders, staff and clergy so they may provide a safer, secure, trained, and proactive Safety and Security Ministry for their place of worship, services, and events.

This year’s keynote speakers include Jerry McConnell (Pastor, US Military, Teacher and Coach), Bob Wild (Senior Director, Author, Director of Finance and Administration) and Robert Johnson (Director of Safety and Security, Law Enforcement, Army National Guard).

Summit Schedule

Thursday, October 5

8:00 Registration
8:30 Opening, welcome, Introductions. Message by Pastor Duane Anders – COTR
9:20 "It Won't Happen In My Church - Any Of It" - Robert Johnson 
10:00 Snack Break
10:15 "Are the Children Safe?" - Bob Wild
11:45 Lunch Break - provided
12:30 "Building A Team - Recruitment and Training Tips" - Robert Johnson
1:30 "Are the Children Safe?" - Bob Wild
2:15 Snack Break
2:35 Group Exercise: "My Church Assessment" - Robert Johnson & Jerry McConnell
3:15 “What Would Jesus Do?” - Pastor Erin Johnson
4:00 Announcements - Joe Prin

Friday, October 6

8:30 Opening and review - Joe Prin– COTR
8:50 Message by Pastor Duane
9:20 Breakout Session 1
  "Ushers & Greeters - 5 Things Beyond Smiling" - Robert Johnson
  “Working with Local Law Enforcement” - Ed Fritz
  “Personal Defense for Men and Women” Lisa Peterson
  “Fraud Protection and Record Retention”- Ben Laro
10:30 Snack Break
10:45 Breakout Session 2
  "A Ministry of Presence: Understanding Mental Illness" - Jennifer Hunkovic
  "Active Shooter Response" - Robert Johnson
  "Cyber Security for Your Church" - Ben Laro
  "Dealing with Difficult People: Management of Aggressive Behavior" - Jerry McConnell
12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 Breakout Session 3
  “Personal Defense for Men and Women” - Lisa Peterson
  "Cyber Security for Your Church" - Ben Laro
  "Ushers & Greeters - 5 Things Beyond Smiling" - Robert Johnson
  "CPR and AED Certification”– CPR Lifesaver
2:15  Snack Break
2:30 Breakout Session 4
  “Safe Sanctuary Compliance” Pastor Debbie Coutts– COTR
  “A Ministry of Presence: Understanding Mental Illness” Jennifer Hunkovic
  “Working with Law Enforcement” Ed Fritz
  “Fraud Protection & Record Retention” Ben Laro
3:45 Closing Message - Pastor Robert Walters
4:15 Announcments and Closing


“… the church is not immune to the violence that has infiltrated our society and culture. Jesus said “in this world you will have trouble” and we have the responsibility to do everything we can to create a safe environment for the people who attend our churches”

Jerry McConnell

“…many secular organizations raised the bar to protect kids when using volunteers and paid staff, unfortunately most churches did not. …those that desire to abuse children will go where the bar is low”

Bob Wild

“…The path to violence is evolutionary and there are sign-posts along the way. With proper training we can identify and recognize them and implement policies to help prevent incidents before they escalate and become violent”

Robert Johnson

SCS2017 Registration

SCS2017 Registration Fees

General Registration:


Group Registration

$199 for up to 5 people from the same church.



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