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Christianity is a 2,000 year dynamic conversation, and we continue to be part of that conversation—with all of our questions, ideas, convictions, wonderings, prayers, and doubts. Because everyone is at a different place in their faith journey, we offer a variety of classes and small groups that meet you where you are and provide a community in which you can learn and grow.









Eagle/Meridian Small Group • 6-7pm • Eagle River Coffee  More Info

Contact: Debbie Coutts at


Living Our Faith • 9:30-11am • Downtown  More Info
Contact: Linda Anthony at

Sisters in Spirit (SIS) • 10:30-12pm • Downtown  More Info
Contact: Annie Rutz at


Wednesday Morning Bible Study • 9:30-11am • Olivet Room (Downtown)  More Info
Contact: Gayle Healy at

Women’s Wednesday Night Small Group • 6:30-8pm • Downtown  More Info
Contact: Sue Walker at

Rainbow Connection • 6-8pm • LGBTQIA+ 
Contact: Matt Roos at or   More Info

Christian Comtemplative Practice • 6:30pm • Cana Chapel • Downtown
Contact: Michael Kroth at


Ignite! • 9:30-11am • Downtown • More Info
Contact: Belinda Corbet at or Wendy Liming

Young Famiies • 5:30pm 
Contact: Claire Hanson or Amber Warrington   More Info

Men's & Women's Bible Study • 6:30-8:30pm • Downtown • More Info
Contact: Steve Walker at


Breakfast Club • 6:30-7:45am • Elmer's (1385 S. Capitol Blvd)  More Info
Contact: Steve Tornga at

Bible Study with Pastor Duane • 7:30-8:30am • A'Tavola (1515 W. Grove St.)  More Info
Contact: Duane Anders at

Potluck and Board Games • Friday Evenings in Garden City
Contact: Debby Queen at

Centering Prayer • 1pm • Bishop's Lounge  More Info
Contact: Kathy Yochum at



Pizza With The Pastor • Monthly on Sundays • 12:45-1:45 • Bishop's Lounge (Downtown Campus) • More Info
Leader: Pastor Duane Anders
Registration Contact: Carrie Dubert at


Centering Prayer • 1pm • Bishop's Lounge • More Info
Contact: Kathy Yochum at




United Methodist Women • Wednesdays, monthly • Noon • Downtown • More Info
Contact: Bonnie McOmber at​




Membership Class • Sundays • 4-6pm • Downtown • More Info
Leader: Pastor Duane Anders • Registration Contact: Carrie Dubert at



Impact!  • 9-10am • Library (Downtown Campus)
Leaders: Joe and Vicki Prin at

Christian Contemplative Practice  • 9am • Cana Chapen (Downtown Campus)
Contact: Michael Kroth at

The Seekers Class  • 10-10:55am • Bishop’s Lounge (Downtown Campus)  More Info
Leader: Beverly and Alan Hines
Registration Contact: Alan Hines at

The Wesley Class  • 10-10:55am • Olivet Room (Downtown Campus)  More Info
Contact: Bev and John Montgomery at

Bible Study Applicable for Today • 10-10:55am • Upstairs Conference Room (Downtown)  More Info
Leader: Audrey Lawrence
Contact: Carrie Dubert at