NLI 2019 Breakout Sessions

Thursday | 11am-12pm


Families of Faith

Debbie Coutts, Pastor of Family Life, Cathedral of the Rockies

Learn how to partner with parents and caregivers to provide resources and opportunities encouraging faith development within the home. Also discover the ministries Cathedral of the Rockies’ Children’s Ministry offers for families in the church and community within the areas of missions, pastoral care, discipleship and worship.

Being LGBTQ+ and the Spiritual Journey

Brett Webb-Mitchell

As “outsiders” and “marginalized” in the life of the Church, LGBTQ+ people have a unique perspective in reading Scripture and living our lives of faith. This session is a time to explore, what may be for some, unique ways of interpreting Scripture, as well as considering the saints—old and modern alike—who guide us in our daily walk in following Jesus, the Pilgrim God.

Creating Modern, Multi-Generational Worship Experiences

Layne Watkins, Director of Contemporary Worship, Cathedral of the Rockies

Consider ways to modernize your multi-generational worship experience through song, media, and design.

Trauma Informed Self Care: the Ancient-Modern Wisdom of the Brain-Body Connection

Rev. Marshall Wattman-Turner

In times of organizational change, high anxiety, and chronic stress, ministry leaders become increasingly vulnerable to professional burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue. Explore the elegant interplay between the human body and brain. This experiential workshop will introduce essential stepping stones on the path toward recovery, resiliency, and sustainable self-care.

How Local Collaboration Can Remake the Church

Tim Soerens

Scroll through Facebook and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with polarizing national issues competing for attention. But,  zoom down to the your local context and you will discover ordinary heroes and inspiring movements transforming the public square.  As we listen and connect, the church has an astounding opportunity to participate in the reimagination of our economic, civic, education, and environmental sectors if we can discover how to collaborate in a new way. Join in this workshop to discover how this collaboration just might remake the Church as we work at the local level to transform our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. 

Small Church, Big Impact

Cindy Todeschi, Director of Local Missions, Cathedral of the Rockies

Most congregations in the nation have a weekly worship attendance under 150.  In this workshop, Cindy Todeschi, Director of Local Missions, will join leaders of smaller churches in rethinking and right-sizing their ministry to make a God-sized impact in their communities. She will share models and practical steps for smaller congregations to simplify their decision-making, rethink community engagement, be intentional about outreach, empower laity, and strategically utilize your church’s gifts.

Thursday | 3:30-4:30pm


Fueling Passion in the Hearts of our Youth

Tracy Quissell, Director of Youth Ministry, Cathedral of the Rockies

How can we cultivate the passion instinct in our teenagers while they are still with us? In an age where we spend so much time telling teens what they shouldn’t do, we risk teaching them that Christianity is never challenging, adventurous, or dangerous. Let’s instead sharpen our skills to incite wonder, discovery, and passion in the hearts of our next generation, so they can experience an authentic relationship with their Creator and demonstrate His love to a broken world.

Principles of Urban Doxology

David M. Bailey

What does worship look like for a church that is economically, educationally, and culturally diverse? In this workshop, we will explore the guiding principles of worship for communities that facilitate reconciliation across dividing lines and forms people for the city of God that is to come.

Modernizing Discipleship

John Hosmer, Director of Adult Discipleship, Cathedral of the Rockies

As society changes, how does the church continue to offer relevant discipleship options? This session will provide practical thoughts on engaging across multiple generations, diverse congregations and worship styles, as well as creative ideas on how to add new life to your current discipleship ministry.

Safe Sanctuaries: More Than A Policy

Lydia Henry

This session provides an overview of Safe Sanctuaries and the culture of safety in ministry settings for children, youth, and vulnerable adults. It can be used as an introduction or as a resource for those who plan to both train and raise awareness in their places of ministry.

Leadership for the Long Haul

Rev. Dr. Duane Anders, Senior Pastor, Cathedral of the Rockies

Leadership is most often about the journey, not the moment.  Walk with Pastor Duane through leadership lessons learned and those we're still learning.

Friday | 9:00am-10:00am


Children’s Ministry Essentials

Hillary Hahn, Director of Children’s Ministry, Cathedral of the Rockies

In a world of video games and YouTube, how do we keep kids as engaged and excited about church as they are Fortnite? Through creativity, networking, and fun we’ll remember why ministry to children and their families is important. Then we’ll boost your energy level with new ideas and tools you can use to enhance your children’s ministry.

Everyday Pilgrims

Brett Webb-Mitchell

Discover the many benefits found in the ancient aft and practice of pilgrimage applied to everyday life as pilgrims following Jesus, the Pilgrim God. Over 27 times in the four Gospels Jesus calls out his disciples to “follow me.” We will explore what it means to live our contemporary lives in modern society as pilgrim-disciples, following Jesus, the Pilgrim God, daily.

Beyond the Checkbook: Getting Bigger Gifts for Your Church

Julia Frisbie, Northwest United Methodist Foundation Associate Director

For your members to think outside the box and beyond their checkbook, it's important that your leaders know what to ask for! Get a roadmap to help your church establish a healthy planned giving program. Learn about different gift vehicles, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, real estate gifts, gifts of appreciated assets (including IRA rollover gifts), and life insurance policies. Attention to planned giving is an investment in the future of your ministry!

Energy Management at your Church

Joe Prin, Facilities Manager, Cathedral of the Rockies

Saving energy at your Church is a way to move budget dollars from utilities to ministries. This discussion will examine possibilities for improvements that yield serious results.

The Hybrid Church

Dana Hicks, CrossPoint United Methodist Church

What is the best use for online and social media platforms for a faith community -- especially among younger generations?  How can a church leverage these platforms to deepen and strengthen face to face community and identity with minimal financial investment? Learn from the mistakes and insights of CrossPoint UMC as Dana Hicks explores what it takes to create a “hybrid church” for the 21st Century. 

Re-imagine, Re-new, Re-launch

Rob Walters, Amity Campus Pastor, Cathedral of the Rockies

We've all heard the stories...the church is shrinking, there are no young people, we're headed for death.  What happens when the church needs a full re-launch?  Join us as Pastor Rob, who has served as clergy at the Cathedral of the Rockies and at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas, helps us consider where God is calling us to lead when death seems to be the future. Together, we'll "Re-imagine" ministry in our local church.  We'll "Re-new" our own commitment to the future.  And, we'll consider a "Re-launch" in our local context.

Using your 'Dash' to Inspire Others

Paul Aitken, Director of Music & Worship, Cathedral of the Rockies
As a professional musician and a composer, it is common to look at names of writers of music and note their birth and death years.  Every Sunday, I look up at the worship screen and note the date ranges of composers: some have completed their life journey and others have just begun. In between the dates is a “dash” — and it’s this “dash” that embodies all of our earthly living. What are you doing with your dash?  And how can you use your dash to inspire others?

Worship and Culture

Karen Ward, OR-ID UMC Beloved Community Coordinator

An introduction to and conversation around a globally informed, theologically sound, methodological framework for crafting and curating faithful and transformative Christian worship as ‘the work of the people’ in any context.