Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was established to recognize those individuals, couples or families who have either donated to or have provisions in their wills or estate plans to donate to the Legacy Endowment Fund of the Cathedral of the Rockies.  Also, those who purchase a niche in the Columbarium are included as Legacy Society members.

For people who want to create a legacy beyond their lifetime, the Legacy Society ensures donors that their charitable dollars are used to protect the well being of our church .  If you have made arrangements in your will, trust, or other deferred gift mechanism to make a gift to the Cathedral of the Rockies, you are already eligible to be a member of the Legacy Society. 


Like many other long time members, I realized while getting my legal affairs updated, that god has been very generous and my family has been richly blessed. There has never been doubt in my mind that a portion of our wealth needs to go back to God's Kingdom when I am gone. My beliefs can be carried on after my death for those who come after me. This is the legacy I hope to leave; my financial gift will allow others to also benefit from the grace of our Lord God as I have. 

Melinda Sander


As a lifelong Methodist, I have always been aware of the importance of tithing, not only for the good of god's church, but also for my own personal spiritual growth. Through the years as I matured in the faith, I began to consider also (one might say it was almost an epiphany) the accumulation of assets God has blessed me with above and beyond my daily needs. I asked myself, "didn't these blessings come from God also?" so it was that when our great church established a meaningful endowment fund, I didn't hesitate to extend my "tithe" from my assets also for the furtherance of God's kingdom. To my mind, it just makes good common sense.

In his service,

Hal Rumsey


Dedra and I undoubtedly share with others of the Society several reasons for participating. Here are two reasons that are at the top of my list: number one is of course the spiritual aspect where we are giving back a pittance to God in gratitude of the infinite love and care shown while on this Earth. This is no small or trivial reason. And second reason, innately, each one of us wants to know that we truly leave this world a better place due to our presence. Most of us can't afford a meaningful "monument" to our existence but in our gifting to the Legacy Society we can and do provide an endowment that perpetually makes a difference for something or someone(s) very important and dear to our existence. A real legacy!

Todd and Dedra Swanstrom



We feel our church and all those who assist in providing services and programs for so many is extremely important now and in the future. We realize that we would not be blessed with what the church has today without those who have come before us and given the church their generous financial gifts. Those gifts came for all of us to enjoy in the form of donations not only while they were attending church, but in legacy ways after they died.

We have made a commitment that, in our long range planning and through final distributions of what we might have at the end of our lives, we want to leave a special donation to this wonderful church and the programs it provides. We want to make sure future generations are blessed with the same wonderful experiences that we are enjoying today.

Dawneen and Gary Blakeslee


About nine years ago on our wedding anniversary we discussed the fact that we did not have a formal Last Will and Testament. We decided to meet with an attorney and have one drawn up. In that document we decided to include the Cathedral of the Rockies as a beneficiary in our estate. This decision seemed perfectly natural for us and as good as we felt it about then we feel even better about it now.

Obviously when we heard about the idea of establishing an endowment through the Legacy Society a few years later, we not only supported the idea, we wanted to help spread the news of this ministry. We made a codicil to our will to leave a portion of our estate to the Legacy Society of FUMC. I have been actively involved in the Legacy Committee from its inception and feel as though this ministry is the most important one in all my years as a member of the Cathedral of Rockies.

Bob and Jennifer Edwards


When Ginny and I recently updated our will and living trust documents we were advised that the easiest and most flexible manner to make a legacy gift to the Church was to name The Legacy Society as a beneficiary in our 401K and IRA plans... no codicil required and easily modified at any time.

Gary and Ginny Gribben

We decided to join the Legacy Society at First United Methodist Church to help provide for the future. Over the years, our family has benefited many times over by the sacrifices and investments made by those who came before us. It seems only fitting for us to use some of the gifts that have been bestowed on us, so that generations that follow will also benefit.

Judy and Herb Patriarche


Both of us grew up as Methodists and have been long-time members of the Cathedral of the Rockies. We cherish and enjoy the community of faith at the Cathedral, and want to see the congregation grow and prosper so others can participate in the many services and opportunities that help on our life?s journey. Several years ago, we established a Charitable Remainder Trust and named the Cathedral of the Rockies as a beneficiary. The trust pays us a percentage of the value of the trust each quarter, and when we are both gone, the remaining value of the trust goes to the Cathedral. We recognize and appreciate the many blessings God has bestowed upon us through the years, and are pleased that we have the opportunity to leave a legacy to help the Cathedral continue with its fine work here in Boise.

Don & Iris Hendrickson


We have committed to the Wills and Legacy to insure funds for the future of Cathedral of the Rockies. These funds can be designated to a certain ministry or for general use. The person donating can donate cash, stocks, bonds, property which would be invested and the income generated from this investment will be used. Or the contributor can request that the funds be used in full upon receipt. By contributing to the Wills and Legacy, the assets you give are a way for your "life" to be remembered. Investing in the future of God's work will give the church added financial security for its future, ministries and growth.

Ray and Betty Funk