Wills and Living Trusts

You may want to leave money to the Legacy Endowment Fund in your will or trust.  You also want the flexibility to change your will in the event that life circumstances change.  You can do both.  In as little as one sentence you can complete your gift that will help ensure that we continue our mission for years to come.  

Beneficiary Designations

Some people prefer making a gift through a beneficiary designation by using IRAs and retirement plans, life insurance policies or commercial annuities.

This can be done in three steps:

1.  Contact your retirement plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution to request a change-of-beneficiary form.

2.  Decide what percentage (1 to 100) you would like the LEF to receive and name it, along with the percentage you chose, on the beneficiary form.

3.  Return the completed form to your plan administrator, insurance company, bank or financial institution.

Please notify Terry Frisk at that you have done this.  You will be recognized unless you would prefer to remain anonymous.


One of the easiest and most common ways for you to support the Legacy Endowment Fund (LEF) is with a gift of cash in the form of:

     - An outright gift.  By making a cash gift by check, credit card or money order you begin immediately to see your generosity in action.  You will also receive a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize.

     - A payable on death (POD) account.  A POD bank account or certificate of deposit could name the LEF as the beneficiary of all funds once you, the account owner, pass away.  The LEF has no right to the funds until after your lifetime.  Until that time, you remain in control and are free to use the money in the bank account, change the beneficiary or close the account.

     - Other ways.  There are several other ways to make cash donations as part of the gift types below:

          - A gift in your will or living trust

          - A charitable gift annuity, remainder trust or lead trust

          - A donor advised fund

          - Memorial and tribute gifts

          - An endowed gift

If you want to give a gift of cash, please contact Ashlee Wetherington at
or give her a call at (208) 343-7511 ext. 223.


1.  IRA charitable rollover

2.  Real estate