Response to General Conference

A message from your Church Council

March 2019 

As you may know, in late February the United Methodist General Conference voted to adopt policies that ban LGBTQIA weddings and clergy in the church and impose significant punishments on clergy who do not comply.

We, the lay leaders of the Cathedral of the Rockies Church Council, stand with our pastoral leadership and staff to present the following message to our congregation:

• Cathedral of the Rockies is committed to providing a safe, affirming and loving home for all who worship here. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through our wide embrace of all God’s children and recognize each individual’s sacred worth.

• We are family and in times of trial we strive to follow Christ’s loving example by drawing closer together. We mourn the recent vote of the United Methodist General Conference to adopt non-inclusive and punitive policies against LGBTQIA clergy and worshipers in our denomination.

• We share the sadness, frustration and confusion caused by this hurtful decision, which is in direct opposition to who we are at COTR: We wholeheartedly welcome and affirm our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters, and we want you to know that this action in no way invalidates or diminishes your marriages and relationships.

• We also recognize that for many of our members, being Methodist is integral to your personal identity. We want the congregation to know that our goal as church leaders is to continue as a Methodist denomination, and we will seek clarity on how best to navigate that path while remaining true to our values to embrace everyone within our church family and live out our All Means All motto.

• We acknowledge the tension and pain this uncertainty will bring us in the coming weeks and months. We humbly ask you to come together with us in this uncomfortable space as events unfold and we learn what it means to move forward in keeping our Methodist identity while also honoring the identity of LGBTQIA persons whom God loves.

• We pledge to keep the COTR congregation informed of new information as we learn it and keep open lines of communication to hear your concerns and questions. Please see our names and email addresses below.

• In the meantime, we ask you to join us in praying The Cathedral Covenant:
We are all on the journey of discipleship, all seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are all learners and all teachers. We all have gifts to share. We work to listen and to learn from each other, treating each other with respect and dignity. We are a community of grace and forgiveness, glad for our diversity and differences. Disagreements will come, but we are willing to remain a part of the community and a part of the conversations so we will not walk out or close our hearts or minds. Amen. 

Jeremy Bordner,
Berta Greenlee,
Claire Hanson,
Doyle Hartman,
Lisa Hettinger,
Rick Jordan,
Emily McClure,
Susie Pouliot,
Erik Teig,
Sarah Wandling,
Annie Wardwell,
Rev. Dr. Duane Anders,
Rev. Rob Walters,
Rev. Debbie Coutts,