Black History Month Events

February 7 • 6:30-8pm • "Understanding the Roots of American Racism, Past and Present"

Dr. Jill Gill, Director, Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Initiative, Professor, History Department, Boise State University

Race and racism can only be addressed effectively when their actual historical roots and reasons are understood. Misdiagnose these, and solutions generally miss the target. This session will lay the historical groundwork necessary for exploring race and racism in the present.

February 16 • 6:30-8pm • Movie Night and Discussion: Selma

Discussion led by Phillip Thompson, Director of the Idaho Black History Museum

February 27 • 6:30-8pm • "The Birmingham Letter: A Live Spoken Reading of Dr. King's Letter from Birmingham Jail"

A prophetic call to the people of God to stand with their brothers and sisters. An evening of story-telling, music, and poetry. 

All events are free and open to the public. Contact Jenny Willison for questions or more information.