Leadership & Staff

  • Ana Robins

    Ana Robins

    Associate Director of Music
  • Angela Arroyo

    Angela Arroyo

  • Ashlee Wetherington

    Ashlee Wetherington

  • Brenna Murray

    Brenna Murray

    Social Media & Marketing
  • Carrie Dubert

    Carrie Dubert

    Director of Connectional & Discipleship Ministries
  • Clara Row

    Clara Row

    Associate Director of Music
  • Dale Martinez

    Dale Martinez

  • David Young

    David Young

    Cathedral Organist
  • Debbie Coutts

    Debbie Coutts

    Associate Pastor - Family Life, Director of Marketing
  • Duane Anders

    Duane Anders

    Senior Pastor
  • Erik Quissell

    Erik Quissell

    Director of Youth Ministry
  • Heather Sarria

    Heather Sarria

    Director of KASP (Kids Are Special People)
  • Jerri Walker

    Jerri Walker

    Executive Director
  • Jerry Strode

    Jerry Strode

  • Joe Prin

    Joe Prin

    Building Superintendent
  • Kristi Cantwell

    Kristi Cantwell

    Church Nursery Coordinator
  • Laura Thomson

    Laura Thomson

    Hospitality Desk & Music Ministry Coordinator
  • Layne Watkins

    Layne Watkins

    Director of Contemporary Worship
  • Margaret Elkins

    Margaret Elkins

    Director of Wesleyan Preschool
  • Pete Schroeder

    Pete Schroeder

    Director of Local Missions & Outreach
  • Rick Strader

    Rick Strader

    Director of Audio/Visual
  • Robert Walters

    Robert Walters

    Associate Pastor - Amity Campus
  • Sally Robertson

    Sally Robertson

    Funeral Coordiantor
  • Shane Smart

    Shane Smart

    Audio/Visual Technician & Custodian
  • Steve Kuykendall

    Steve Kuykendall

    Associate Director of Music - Downtown Campus
  • Steve Tollefson

    Steve Tollefson

    Pastor Emeritus
  • Tracy Quissell

    Tracy Quissell

    Director of Youth Ministry