If you want more love in the world, put it there. Every day, the people of the Cathedral are attempting to do just that, be it through Habitat for Humanity house builds, feeding those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity, providing reading and conversation partners for refugee families, standing on the Capitol steps in support of our LGBTQ community, or simply by holding the door with open arms, warm smile, and accepting heart.

Help us to put more love in the world.

Be kind to yourself. Buy a coffee for someone in line behind you. Pick up litter from the street or park. Let someone merge in front of you in rush hour traffic. Write a kind note on a napkin and leave it for the next person to use the table. Plant a tree. Compliment a stranger. Or join us for any of the following mission projects we'll be holding throughout the year. Put more love into the world. 

Hashtag it!

Take a picture of your random act of kindness or your participation in an organized event, and post it to social media! Here is an example to get you started: 

"My church @cathedraloftherockies challenged me to serve others with random acts of kindness. Today, I bought coffee for the person in line behind me at Dutch Bros. Now I challenge you to #LoveBoise and post about it here! #COTR #AllMeansAll" 

January 16

Idaho Foodbank sorting session

February 22

Idaho Foodbank sorting session

March 26

Idaho Foodbank sorting session


Releaf Boise: a tree planting event


Planting flowers at the Ronald McDonald House

June 6

Framing a house for Habitat for Humanity at the Amity Campus


All-church effort to collect food for our lunch bag ministry

August 20

Idaho Foodbank sorting session


Back to School BBQ for Boise High School students and staff

October 22

Idaho Foodbank sorting session

November 25 

Boise Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Feast (downtown campus of COTR)

December 12

Christmas Food Box delivery

December 18

Boise Rescue Missions Christmas Banquet (downtown campus of COTR)


Questions? Contact Cindy Todeschi