“You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.” – Matthew 5: 13-16

We do this thing – youth ministry – because we think teens are smart, funny, creative, and eager to learn more about God, themselves, and what this whole life is all about! We’re here to create time, space, and events that help teens discover who they are: beloved children of God. We do this through Worship, Play, and Experience.

When we get together, place what we have before God through songs and prayer, listen to God through the Word, and respond to God in communion or prayer, we get a glimpse of heaven! Each week, on Wednesday nights, the teens gather to do just that. Not only is worship important to our teenagers, but teenagers are important to how we worship as a church! Teens grow through worship in youth group, choir, serving, communion, small groups, and retreats.

God wants us to play. For real, and we do! Every week at youth group, we relax and have fun! We also have different events purely for fun every month! Through friendships and recreation, we find out more about ourselves and God! Get involved!

We also see God when we serve in our community and care for those in need! We have several service projects and mission trips each year! We sometimes best experience God when we are busy being God’s hands and feet in the world, serving and making things whole again!