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FaithWork is an entry point into local mission at The Cathedral of the Rockies and provides a meaningful way to serve others. FaithWork offers pre-planned serving opportunities that require nothing of you except a desire to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that as we serve the needs of those in our community that we also form relationships and break down barriers. As we are in service, may we be a living example of Christ moving in the world and that others will want to become followers of our Lord and Savior.


Throughout the year you will find a variety of opportunities to serve that typically last between two and four hours. You can choose FaithWork projects that take place on the church campus or beyond the church walls in the community. Most projects are suitable for children. All projects require you to sign up so that we can be prepared with people and supplies that meet the needs of the activity. Do you have an idea for a FaithWork project that helps us end HUNGER, assists with HOUSING and improves HEALTH?  Please be sure to let us know and help us expand our service to the community.


Cindy Todeschi, 343-7511 ctodeschi@boisefumc.org

FaithWork Calendar

  • Sept. 13 — FaithWork at Friendship Feast
  • Sept. 17 — Sort Food at the Idaho Foodbank
  • Oct. 3 — Habitat for Humanity Work Crew and Lunch Team
  • Oct. 3 — Sort Food at the daho Foodbank
  • Oct. 18 — CROP Walk to End Hunger and Poverty
  • Nov. 19 — Sort Food at the Idaho Foodbank
  • Nov. 25 — Boise Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Nov. 29 — Friendship Feast Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Dec. 10-12 — Christmas Food Boxes
  • Dec. 18 — Salvation Army Toy & Joy Store