Thank you for your support to the Cathedral of the Rockies. Because of your financial support and generosity, you have planted the seeds that will enable us to grow in our community, and provide a church home for you and others. Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God’s work.


Debt Elimination



Operating or Ministry Budget

This is the primary source of funding for First United Methodist Church. It covers strategic outreach to Boise and around the world, as well as providing our day to day ministries, worship, staff salaries and operations of the church. It relies 100% on your giving.

The Christian Path – Tithing

John Wesley, Founder of the Methodist movement, offered three pieces of practical stewardship advice: Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. Because of all that God has given us, we are called to share God’s joy with others, especially the poor. Giving to the church enables all of us as Christ’s body to serve those within and those outside the church.

Beyond being able to help others through our gifts, giving is an act of faithful discipleship. The more generously we give, the more our hearts are opened to God, the more we grow in our faith. The standard for our giving is the tithe, 10% of our income. Each year we strive to step closer to this goal. Tithing allows every person to contribute and participate equally in supporting the ministries of the Cathedral.

Ways to Give

  • Cash, checks, automatic withdrawal, credit cards: You may choose to give weekly with a check or cash that you bring or mail to the church. You may prefer to have an automatic withdrawal made from your checking or credit card account. Complete the form and leave it at the Accounting Office. For withdrawals from the bank, include a void check from your account.
  • Gifts other than cash and checks: You may give stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, real estate, jewelry, and other personal property. Often the donor can realize a tax benefit. Contact our business office at 208.343.7511.
  • Gifts through estate planning: Estate planning allows you to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and ongoing ministry of First United Methodist Church. You may give through insurance, wills, trusts, charitable gift annuities, retirement accounts and life estates. Contact our business office at 208.343.7511.
  • Legacy Fund: Please visit for our Legacy Fund information.